Sleeping Beauty - science fiction and time lost

08.30 am

Waking up, an everyday fraction of time opening my eyes trying to remember who I am, where I am, and if I'm lucky, where I just came from, which is sometimes immensely difficult. My eyes were closed for about an eight hour time period. All systems seemingly offline, yet so much happened. I solved all my everyday life problems, travelled to distant galaxies, passed through dimensions, attained insight, fought battles, saved the world, understood everything…. - Then snap to reality. - I do remember who I am. I do know where I am. I do remember where I just came from. What seemed a life time was just one night? I want to go back.

10.30 am

While we sleep we dream. While we dream our closed eyes seem to be watching a ping pong game fast forward. Without sleep our minds and bodies start to decay. Even today scientists do not completely know the true function of sleep or why it has survived evolution. 1/3 of our lives wasted horizontally? Personally I don't mind sleep at all and I see the dreaming part as a great asset. The experience is quite amazing when you think about it. Nightly LSD trips! Fly, burst in to a bubble, run and scream as loud as you can. Dreams inspire imagination and imagination inspires everyday life daydreams in becoming reality.

02.00 pm

So maybe one day we will? Travel to a distant galaxy that is. To get to such a distance in our lifetime we would have to be able to sleep extendedly without bodily decay, a dormant mind for hundreds of years, preferably resulting in an only 10 day older body. Wasn't that Buck Rogers? Just recently scientists discovered that humans hold the two genes that squirrels use to enter their winter sleep: PL and PDK-4. Remember Mr. Disney? He just might be the future Buck.

11.30 pm

Imagine you fall asleep and then you wake 250 years older. How would the awareness feel like in the sudden instant we realise how much time was lost? How would we cope with this reality shift? Where would our minds take us on this journey of time saved? Would it be like the dreams in our sleep where time abides no rules? One big adventure or would it all be years of dark emptiness with raging nightmares waking up completely out of our minds? What would our brain activity be? Vegetable flat line or would we wake up as super gurus?

03.00 am

When I think about the experience of time before- during-and after everlasting sleep my mind starts to feel like it does not exist. Total disconnection. That falling feeling. Between life and death like Snow White. Frozen in time like Sleeping Beauty. A decade just went by, there goes another one. Or did it? Who would kiss us awake?