The questions you ask say something about what you want to know in life. Collecting an analysing your questions can help you determine what path you could take to answer these questions. What questions are you asking yourself now and how are they related to the questions you asked yourself as a child?

In 2005 with the support of the elementary school De Polsstok, Brede School, Amsterdam roomforthoughts started develping an artproject that helps children to think about themselves in relation to the world by assisting them in creating an alternative self portrait. This alternative selfportrait arises by a series of unique performative workshops in which the children collect their current thoughts and questions about themselves and society. This alternative selfportrait is documented within an object that is taken home on the day they say goodbye to their elementary school as they prepare themselves over the summer to make the transfer to secondary education.


  • Why does death exist?
  • Who am I?
  • Why am I afraid of heights
  • Why do people promise something and then don't do it?
  • Why do I forget the questions that were just in my head?
  • Why do I ask questions?
  • How did brains come in to existence?

The project consists in a variety of forms in Dutch as well as English:

Standard: a 5 or 10 day course spread over 5 or 10 weeks 1 hour per 6-7 children

Special day: a single day project of 6 hours per class in collaboration with their teacher

If you would like to bring this project to your school or would like to know more please contact roomforthoughts

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