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Connaître, Antwerpen-Breda, theoretical magazine Lokaal 01, THRU #6, installation , 4 x A5

Connaître, How to measure thoughts? Where are thoughts hidden? Do thoughts have emotional charge? Does this determine in what dimension the thought travels? What does the thought of expectation look like? What is its frequency? How to catch a thought? This work is inspired on the content of the previous magazines Thru nr # 1 -# 5. A column in is this magazine has been a series about archiving art in boxes for the gallery of Lokaal 01. The subject of Thru # 6 is expectation. A knowing, but not yet being capable of putting the knowing in to words. Inklings are placed in a graphic as if they are the result of scientific research. Specimens from an experiment on a subject's expectation dimension. My expectations are to find out the truth about the physics of thought.

layout for thru#6 magazine:

front cover


back cover

page next to inside back cover

inside back cover


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