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What to think? , Amsterdam , Kunstvlaai 5, installation, 2004, 400 x 400 cm

What to think? How to collect my thoughts? How to map them? How to archive them? How to judge them? T his work is a big grey square full of my random thoughts that appeared when I let my mind flow. The selection of texts was made instinctively based on the ones that made me most vulnerable. The viewer can read a trajectory through these thoughts. I invite them to judge if what I think is good or bad. The judgement hangs from a chain like a price tag.


I have this crazy notion that one day my work will inspire the one that gives emotion to artificial intelligence

don't laugh

Give or take a few, thoughts give great comfort when they are brought upon the one that cannot write them fast enough

Keep it down will you! I am trying to listen to my soul speaking its usual gibberish

It's a long way to the end of sarcastic waters that flip you when you drink them


Fancy the drugs kick in without actually taking them


Try unfolding the mind to keep up with everyday moments of eagerness

How real the cliché can be

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